Wednesday, 18 November 2009

West Palm Beach to New Orleans ,,,,, US Invasion ....Chapter 2

Today I embark on another stage of this US Invasion...Im taking a Greyhound from West Palm Beach to Orlando. From there I will be taking a pre booked Taxi to Debary to see Debbie and Joy. Im looking forwards to meeting them again.I know Debbie isnt doing well .I hope she is well enough for a visitor.
I enjoy the views from the Greyhound bus window. Its  only going to take about  3.1/2 hrs to get me to Orlando The Bus is almost  full but its quiet . We stop a couple of times to pick up passengers . A non eventful ride.  Once at Orlando  I get my bags and  see a guy holding a card with my name on it..Hmmmm I think he is my guy... driver..Yep, I say Hi and we  head to his car. Nice car ! not one of my fave cars but nice enough.  Off we go, Debary is only about 3/4 hr away.
 Im starting to think about my first visit  to Florida , that was a very emotional  trip. I can feel that emotion again. as we near Debary.The driver and I chat as we pull up by Debbies house, I can leave my bag in his boot,,,,,I start to grin at that, Bet my bag will hurt his foot when he walks !!!!!!!!!

((((( Our  Car Boot is your Trunk ))
We arrange a return  time and I head on up Debbies path...I seems like a long time  before the door isnt, but it seems like it is. I am met by Nicole, Debbies daughter...I go inside and see Debbie sat in her chair...We talk and eyes fill .. Deb knows she hasnt got long ....I know too. I am glad I could make this visit. I have photo,s of this visit but I wont include them in here as I want to be respectful to my dear Friend . She is ill, and  I dont think photo,s are  the right thing to put in here. I have them safe . I want to see if I can visit Deb again on my return  to Florida.Im going to phone Deb from the over night train from Raleigh to check its ok .
Joy phones, she is on her I give Deb a short time to rest and wait outside for Joy. 
I wave at the car comming towards me...Oops, its not Joy but the driver waves back at me..Hmmm ... grins. bet he wondered who I was  .
Joy arrives, Its so nice to see Joy and Tom again.They  both look well. Tom  will pick Joy up in an hr  and my Taxi will be here about then too.  We both go back to talk to Debbie.  Hugs ,Smiles and chatter fills the room. Its nice, Deb is smiling and we are enjoying the friendship we have formed . Debbie is one special Lady. She   has my admiration.
  Its time to leave Debbie, we say our Goodbyes , hugs and tears ,not a dry eye in the house. I will phone Debbie when on my return
Tom arrives to meet Joy and my taxi  arrives at the same time...Joy , Tom and I say our Goodbyes and we will stay in touch .
My driver  gets me to Orlando in time for my flight to Atlanta...where I change planes  to go to New Orleans to meet Faye.
The next chapter has begun....New I come  

I arrive at  Orlando Airport and get my bag checked in ....Yes, I did check it into the hold this time .I decided not to see if my bag could "upset" those xray machines ,grins...I remember what people have been saying to me  Atlanta airport is HUGE...gulp,  My change of planes is at Atlanta...Ohh well, I can only get lost cant I     grins, Me ? get lost ? never...ohh yeah  I can, very easily too..Ive had .plenty of practice ...Yep, but I will be fine.... I think a Coffee is in order..yep, a Big Coffee..
I get through security without a hitch...yes I did put my Polo mints in the tray this time....By the time this Invasion is over my polo,s will be Radio active....!  ( I have about 35 packets  of them )
Now that Im through Security I can find the Gate and then get a coffee....Its not long til my flight is due in.
I have a plan of Atlanta airport in my folder I think I will study it so I can get a rough idea of where I need to go to find the New Orleans plane....See, I was " ded cleva" as Alfie would say.....Time to board the plane to Atlanta...We should arrive at 6.30 pm  and I have 2 hrs to find the next gate...will I do it ???? grins...we shall see. The New Orleans plane is due to depart at 8.30 pm and arrive in New Orleans at 9.23 pm...its  going to be a long day.
The plane is ready to board and  Im ready to settle down and enjoy the flight to Atlanta..All boarded , we take off.......Its a great view ,looking down on Orlando  from the plane....The flight isnt a long one . Just enough time to restudy that airport layout....gulp...Big innit !! ....Looking out of the window I can see we are decending ...Atlanta is near....Yep, it looks BIG......2hrs ? to find my gate ?   Did I reset my watch ? Did I need to ? I have no idea....Ohh its ok, the Pilot has just given the time out,,my watch is ok..

Now its time to get off this plane and find another...That shouldnt be too hard..........well, we are in an Airport ...grins...Ok Ive got to be fast and recheck my connecting  Flight Gate.....Once off the plane I look at the Gate numbers...I must be fast and take notice of the Gates...Ohhh Hmmmm ok...I start to giggle out loud and realise Im getting strange looks ...well, I cant help it if I am finding this funny....I have only found my next gate already.....Its next to this one.....See, you would laugh too if you knew  just how much studying of this Airport  plan I have done .........I have 1 hr and 55 mins til my next flight...Might as well have a wander and stretch my legs for a bit..I know where my gate is now .....grins. Yep, a wander AND a Coffee....

My next flight is here and ready to stop New Orleans and meeting Faye.... 
We land in New  Orleans and I get my bag , find the exit and  phone Faye....

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