Wednesday, 12 May 2010

CAROLINA BLUE ...yep, Blue Sky n fun

I arrived in Raleigh at 9pm .Im looking forwards to meeting Kaye . Hope my arrival isnt too late ...Ok my station is here and I get off the train..I love Amtrak trains, so much nicer than those trains back in UK.
I loved the views as the train passed lots of interesting places..
Ok, Ive got my bag and will head on over to where the car park is ...Hope I dont miss Kaye as Im going through a short cut to the exit....I think Kaye has found me, grins , Yep, we head to Kayes truck and I meet Scott , Kayes son..He is riding Shotgun...I cant get over how much like my son Scott is...he even sounds like my son..I have to take another look incase my son Phillip has jumped into Kaye truck with me... This is So funny....Poor Kaye, I didnt think there could be another  ..but I guess Kaye has "the other"  I feel so relaxed and Scott is so funny ..its just like having Two cloned Sons...
It isnt long before we arrive at Kayes..I meet Bill, Kayes husband , I meet the dogs and cats  and I think Dusty has taken a shine to me..Yep Dusty I like You too..
We chat on the deck enjoying the night air drinking beers and looking at the stars .I cant believe how clear the sky is.Its beautiful, We talk about the next days adventure and about how far Ive traveled around USa. I love USA Everyone has been so nice.Tomorrow Keye will drive us down to see her friend Jen  who is mum to Harry the Preacher and Tick ..A few more beers and we turn in.

I awake after a god nights sleep and am met by Dusty andthe gang..Kaye and I are heading to meet Jen soon .Coffee is brewing, Smells good ...The weather is nice and Kaye said Jen has a trip planned, sounds good..
The drive is nice, I love these roads and all the space ..Our roads are so small compared to the USA roads.Im getting use to the Big trucks too now, I love them too.
We are nearing our destination and we drive along a road with fields on both sides ..I like this road ...Love the way the trees have been kept  .I could look at these fields  all day ..Kaye turns into a road ...Ohh Kaye...Thats no good, we want you to stay as Kaye..and not turn into a road....Ohhh its ok, sorry Kaye..its my Brit sense of humour ....ok where was I ...yes..we arrive  at Kayes friends address...and pull up outside Jen,s house..Well, we couldnt Drive In could we....Oops ..there I go again.... grins
Kaye and Jen say their Hello,s and I meet Maggie  Jen,s dog..a Brittany Spaniel ..Nice Dog .After saying Hi to Jen,s daughter and Jen..we get into Jen,s car and drive to a place that I think is called  Wilminton? I might be wrong with this name  if so, sorry..but I am just a Hobo and dont know all these places ..Im so facinated by this place...Jen parks up and tells us we are going to take a tour  via a Horse drawn carrage..Ohh Wow...Im so excited ..I just love this place ...The waterside, The quaint  streets..I dont know where to look first ..My eyes are taking so many pictures I just wish I could down load my memories and  thoughts too ...

Ohhhhhh  Wow I just know this is going to be a great tour.Here come the Horses...Quick Jen...Kaye Tell Flat Alfie to stop playing in the Horses water bucket ...Arnt they Beautiful Horses Dont know who will enjoy this the most ...Me or Flat Alfie.
I really enjoy the tour ...seeing and hearing so much about Wilmington is very interesting to me.I wonder if the people who live in this town realise what a nice place this is ? Id swop with them anyday .So much was shown to us during the Horse Drawn .I hope I dont forget all the Tour Guide told us . Look at this Fountain...Id love that in my garden...New Liverpool Deli....
..I cant get away from Liverpool can I ?  grins
After our Tour we think we have earned a treat or 3 .It didnt take long for Flat Alfie to sniff this shop out ...Mind you, none of us said No !.......Just look at those Chokkys
With Chokky in hands we head back to Jen,s we have an appt with a Beach and a picnic...
I dont think Ive stopped smiling .But before we head for the beach picnic Jen told us about a Church with beautiful windows so we decide to check this out ...Ohh If only Id know n just what was instore ...grins and giggles ... Youve all heard of the Great Escape havnt you ...well......Grins.

This is The Church..
.Its having a face lift so we cant walk all round it but we decide to see if we can go inside to see the Beautiful stained glass windows Yes.Isnt this a truely Beautiful Window ? The door creaked open and a lady asked us what we wanted we asked Please can we see the Windows ?  I could see this Lady wasnt really wanting to give us a tour of this Church but she said Yes, follow me...We followed like lambs to the slaughter..Well, YOU didnt see her face ..We Did !!!!
She showed up into the main area but said Sorry, no lighting..I bet she thought we would go..but Nope, we looked around as she sat  watching us...What did she thing we were going to do ? Pinch the Windows ????We could see she was getting impatient so we said our thanks and she showed us to another door saying This is a shorter way to the churchyard gardens and we could leave via this door..Ok Thanks...Smiles, wasnt that kind of her?  grins..
Well, we stepped outside and yes, there was the car..we turned to thank her but all we saw and heard was the big solid door clanging shut ..Hmmm ok ...Now..this is where it gets funny ...Grins..THE GREAT ESCAPE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OK, Dont laugh ...but...The Gate to the car park ...was LOCKED..We looked at each other and almost fell over giggling.We decide theres no other way round this except CLIMB over ...I bet that lady was inside watching us on the cctv and in fits too... ..Well, We are not detered ....Over the gate we go... I just HAD to get over first or second  to capture this on film... Go on Jen, you can do it...One...Two...Three....Nearly there...Up and over ...BUT Jen..Weres your Hard hat ???? Look at the sign on the gate .
Ok Now I think we have REALLY earned our Beach picnic...
We are still giggling as we drive out of Wilmington and head to Port Fisher...Ohh Im so took in by the coloured houses all along the road......So beautiful... So colourful and cheery  Look....Yellow Houses ..Purple Houses
ILike this Cacti OUR BEACH PICNIC.FLAT ALFIE IS EATING THE FOOD ON USOHH I LOVE THE SEA We enjoy our time at the Beach and So enjoying this
ALFIE decided He was a STAR and made us call in to see where he thinks He should Be...A Film Studio...or...A DRIVE THROUGH ......BEER ???? yes you read that right...grins ..Now I really am wide eyed ...This is a first ..or should that be Thirst ,,for me....During our drive back to Jen,s house Jen was laughing..she said was like a Convict just released from jail Awe of everything I was seeing...Yep, I think I was... I saw so many things and places during today..The Carrage tour, The Coloured Houses, The Church,,,grins, never will forget that ...The film Studio, and that nice Security Guard .The picnic , The Battlefields, So much to take in...What an AMAZING day .Thankyou Kaye, for introducing me to Jen..and ThankYou Jen for this day. One that will stay in my memory for so many reasons.but I think THE GREAT ESCAPE captures the Spirit of this day..FUN ....ADVENTURE and FRIENDS...
We arrive back at Jens house and say our goodbyes...What a day...THANKYOU ...Ive overloaded my mind , Flat Alfie has had so much fun too ....Kaye and I drive back to Raleigh and talk about todays adventures , ...I still think Im Smiling ...SMILES..yep, I know I am...