Sunday, 29 November 2009

PUEBLO, Colorado

 PUEBLO    Colorado
Ive finally arrived in Pueblo, Getting the chance to meet Theo and Diana is what inspired my US Invasion .

THEO  The KRAZY MEEZER   and     his MM                                          

I cannot tell you how much Ive wanted to meet Diana .
We have shared So many emails and phone calls , It is So good to finally be Here, in Pueblo .I will very soon be meeting Diana, Theo and David in person..
I phone for a taxi and dont have long to wait , I chat to the very nice Policeman..for a few minutes, get some photo,s of his car and him...(just for back up incase I need it at anytime !!)
I soon arrive at Diana,s home.Tigger is there to meet me
Now Im very excited....I know Diana is just a few minutes away...We go inside and I see Diana....
I have finally got here...I feel like Im Home. Its great to be here, Ohh look, Coffee is made ....grins...
Diana and I chat, Laugh, as we drink our Coffee,. Theo is watching with a look of...." Whats all the fuss about " in his eyes. Theo is curious and comes over to inspect my feet !! Theo has a very expressive look in his eyes, Not sure what you would call it but Theo and I connected ,Something subconsious,telapathicly ? All I know is I can hear Theo talking to me....I can answer him...silently, no words, just through my thoughts. Ive felt this before with the other cats Ive met on this Adventure.I These "conversations" for want of a better word .  are private...between the Cats and myself. It is something very special and personal .A confidence ? Im not sure, maybe its just me thinking this but The Cats and I do seem to have something that connects us through our thoughts/minds .? I just dont know the right words but it is a Special thing.
Theo is a deep thinker , He understands  so much.

I So wished I could have been here Yesterday..I only have a short time  here and theres So much I want to say ,talk about with Diana. Tomorrow Tigger is going to take me on a drive around Pueblo, Diana will come too if she is feeling well enough but for tonight we are enjoying our chatting, laughing and watching a DVD that is one that reminds us of Alfie and Theo ..We giggle as we watch the is just like Alfie and Theo,s fun n games.

Diana is a night Owl like me so we chat til the early hrs and then settle down to get some sleep.
Tigger is so helpful, .....I think I will kidnap him .He is a very caring guy.Nothing is too much trouble for him.
After a good nights sleep I awake refreshed ,Diana isnt feeling too good today so when Tigger and I go out for our drive Diana will rest at home.
Tigger takes me to Pueblo River Walk ...This is a lovly walk along side the water.

 After our River Walk Tigger and I go to Angelo,s for something to eat..I decide to try Eggplant !! ( I had no Idea what this would be like.Even after eating the Eggplant meal Ive still no idea of how to discribe it !!!!)
 We eat and then head back to see how Diana is doing.Tigger drives me past Pueblo Zoo incase we can see the geese on the water...Tigger is a gentleman and I think Im deff going to kidnap him ! ...I will have to kidnap Diana and Theo to though, grins.We arrive back at Theo,s house and Diana is sitting in her chair with Theo close by her. Yes, we had a nice walk and have eaten...Tigger makes Diana a drink and passes her her meal. The evening is spend having more giggles and taking more photo,s...Theo decides its time for his Silver Spoon Service,,
I cant believe tomorrow I will be leaving Pueblo and heading for LA...then on to Santa Monica. I know I am going to miss Diana so much. This Lady has Greatly Inspired me. I admire her so much. .and Never want to loose this Friendship To know her and have Her as my Friend is an Honour to me.
We have a great evening together, more Laughing, Coffee and giggles. Tigger shows me how to get more from my camera, to find where the battery is !!! I told you Im no good with Hi Tec stuff ...grins.
I sleep well, but wake knowing today I must leave my Friends here and move onwards. I have mixed emotions. .When my Taxi arrives, Diana and I say our Goodbyes, Im trying my best to hold back my tears as I dont want to leave here but know I must....I hate Goodbyes....I hate This Goodbye .I will miss Diana and hope I can return again soonJust say the word Diana and I will be back .
The Taxi gets me to Pueblo Airport in plenty of time....Ohh look what is waiting outside the Airport !!!!!

Once inside the Airport I am grinning as Ive found my gate, security ,xray checks,,cafe,check in desk, seating all in the one place....I like this Airport...Everything is in one place...Even I cant go wrong here.
Time to go through Security checks .....Off come shoes, belt ,coat, shirt, phone, camera, and yes...Polo mints....They all pass inspection...but the Officer is studying my Pass Port for a long time....Im starting to wonder why....It is real...gulp...grins, maybe Im an imposter...? Maybe Im Not really ME !
Maybe I will not be allowed to leave Pueblo ? The Security man says its ok, he just hasnt seen one of these new passports before and wanted to look at it ....He told me not many Brits come through here...With Passport back in my hand, I can go into the waiting room..the flight is almost here. I take a last look at Pueblo  , before walking to the plane to board.the flight to Denver...( Im told later that Denver is on a HIGH security alert....gulp...they are catching me up ..they must be on to me ....Hope Ive not been Bugged ????? Police where e very prominant  in Denver )

I depart Pueblo and am heading for Denver and on to LA.
I am missing Diana already...................................................
.....I get the feeling Im being watched !!