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The US Invasion begins UK to USA , CHAPTER 1

My US Invasion    September 29th 09

I am Lyn...mum of  Alfie 

This is my US Invasion , my Catster tour of USA.
I will tell this story as it happened and give my thoughts as I thought them on that day...throughout my
 Amazing Adventure US Invasion has begun my own words and my own thoughts and feelings.
This Story is starting  from UK and  will be taken from my diary as I wrote it on the day.
Feel free to add any coments as you read follow this Adventure

I begin by arriving at Manchester Airport in UK at 8am...on 29th September 2009.I am early as my flight isnt due to leave for USA til 11 am. ..
...Once through check in I can grab a Coffee. My first mistake takes place  as soon as I stand in the queue for Security checks...I forgot to check my bag in for the hold..I realised this as I was almost at the xray machine..Ohhh no... here we go..I
....Fun ...Fun and more Fun...Let the Adventure Begin..................................UK to Philadelphia

Philadelphia to West Palm Beach, Florida

West Palm Beach to De Bary, Florida

Florida to Destrehan, Louisiana

Louisiana to Dallas, Texas

Texas to Pueblo, Colorado

Colorado to Santa Monica, California

Santa Monica to San Jose

San Jose to San Francisco

San Fancisco to Ollala Washington (stop in Oregon)

Washington to East Bethel, Minnesota

Minnesota to Peoria, Illinois

Illinois to Westerville, Ohio

Ohio to the Bronx, New York

New York to Adelphi, Maryland

Maryland to Raleigh, North Carolina

North Carolina to St. Petersburg, Florida

St. Petersburg to West Palm Beach, Florida

Florida to to Philadelphia, Philadelphia to UK.

Am I Really going all around  USA ? Its BIG isnt it !!!!

Im excited..Im heading into the unknown (unknown to me that is ! ) Am I really going to travel around USA on my own ? I know I have so many people and places to see ..but it is still a huge trip for this Brit Hobo... .Im ready to take it my own way..I know I am sure to make Many mistakes along the way but that is ok... they wont stop me having fun .
My flight will take me to Philadelphia  and then  I get another plane to West Palm Beach in start and end destinations for this Invasion . The map shows my route the USA really THAT big ???  I will be staying in West Palm Beach for a couple of days as I double check all my plans. I have a hotel room booked ,all I need is Coffee and I will be set to face the world. .
Ive been trying to learn all the states by abbreviations
Can someone tell me  whats with this  Wa and WA, DC and NY  and NYstate ? I guess I will understand it all one day ...but til That day ...HELP...Im Confused .com !!
I wonder if  I will ever get the hang of this Funny Money .aka  " Funny Munny "..? I didnt when in Florida in December ....what makes me think I can manage it this time ? We Shall see .......!

I know it will be a long  Invasion so Ive sent my  supplies ahead of me....

I need  to be fully charged and ready to take on whatever comes my way ...grins,,well, I like Coffee !

More about this  as I travel onwards !!!!!!!
Nice Car   isnt it .....grins    Wonder who they are looking for ?

With my bag checked in properly now I can proceed to the security gate..Here we go, belt off, phone off my belt, shoes off, watch off, shirt off cos it has metal studs.. coat off , at this rate I will be getting arrested for streaking !! That would scare them......Carry on bag checked..searched and passed ok after they removed my Polo mints ... Hey,,they are Mine..I need those ... grins..ok you can have one.... Spearmint Polo,s travel everywhere with me...

Florida or Bust eh ? 

Now for the Gate ,,grins...its ok, I remember from last time where Im heading. Yep, International Departures..Im on my turning back... grins..I will be on the plane in 2 hrs and on my way to USA.

I hear the call.... Yep, thats My plane...Time to board..........With seat found, window ,yep, cant travel without a window by my side..I settle down and get ready for take off....we wait..and wait,,and wait some more..Hmmm The Captain says we have a hr delay..they need to check out the fire /smoke alarms in the planes toilets...someone had tampered with them..It wasnt Me..I didnt touch Any buttons...not even been there...not going to either..They go WHOOSH !!
They need instructions to use ....

(( You need one of these afterwards ...  )

Ok, I think its time to take off. Yep, Im on my way to USA ...Next stop Philadelphia ...about 7 1/2 hrs away ...I sit back and look out of the window .... Ohh theres Frank..Hi Frank Bye Frank...grins... yeah right if he could have reached Nth Wales in an Hr !! Now we are over the Ocean..,the clouds are all I can see now... I like looking at clouds..I think each has a picture...ok, dont worry..its not contagious. insanity I mean....grins Im certified ..I must be mad to be doing this but Mad is good fun. I like adventures . Let the Invasion Begin....!

Monday, 16 November 2009

Philadelphia Airport 29th September 09

The flight was smooth and the food WASNT Hamburgers !!! Not sure what it was but I ate it....and I lived . I think I used up the planes sugar supplies though ...

I see land..yes, I see USA. Not far to Philadelphia airport now.

I had better reset my watch...

Its time to buckle up and set wheels on US ground. Yep, we are landing. I love the City skylines .If I remember right its a long wait to get past Customs and find the Bag claim area. I know Margie will be meeting me soon

Im more than ready for a Coffee now. My turn to get through Customs now. Passport checked, Eyes checked, finger prints checked,,Yep ,,,its really me AND the guy let me through too.. Bet he forgot about the last time I was here..when I set off their alarms ...My Polo mints do that all the time.
Right, off I go to see if I can find Margie.....grins Yes I think I see her... Hya Margie...Coffee? Ohh yes lets grab one. Margie and I chatted over Coffee and after a while it was time to find a way back inside the Airport to recheck in.....We walked about looking for the way was here last time Im sure....
Did they extend the airport ? It looks BIGGER . grins. We find the entrance and this is where I have to say Goodbye to Margie....Thankyou Margie for meeting me here in Philly... We had a couple of hrs to chat .. and that was very nice as I didnt get to meet Margie on my last visit.Margie  was one of the first Catster mums I  talked to  when I first joined Catster. Ok, when Alfie first joined ....grins.
I have to leave Margie at the entrance ..and go though the security checks again.... ok here goes, Shoes off, belt off, watch off, coat off, shirt off ... No..that is All thats coming it or lump it...!!
Through the xray machine...BLEEP.... OMC ..those Polo,s did it again.... They had to go through on their own...Yep, I passed ok so did my Polo mints... Now to get dressed again and find my gate...

HEY...they are My Polo.s !!!

Its a long walk but I soon find the gate...Im going to check my ticket and check the board..Yep, they both match up... WPB flight is on time it says... time enough for a coffee and find a seat . and read a news paper..
What strange Headlines....I wonder Who this Reporter purr son is ?????????

My onward flight is ready to load... Time I was getting on... I should be in West Pakm Beach area in a couple of hours or so..
Nice plane,,good seats..Yes I do have my window seat ..
Time to take off.... Not long now till I meet Maria
Ive talked with Maria on the phone many times , I owe Maria so much. My first trip to US  opened my eyes. I just had No Idea of how Big it all was....I was so glad of my    Guardian Angel watching out for me.
The Pilot said we are heading into a storm so he is diverting off a bit to avoid it if possible....OHH WOW..Im glued to the window...This Storm is Beautiful..Lightening flashes in the clouds..It is So Beautiful... .I cant stop watching it all from the window...OK well, yes..where else would I be watching it from when Im inside a plane....!!
We are about to land at WPB Florida
Its about ...9.30 pm ? I have no Idea . not sure if its the same time zone as Philly ..I think it is ..Ohh well, I know Florida is 5 ..or is that 6 hrs behind UK if I left home at 8am and its 9.30 ish pm here must be about 2am ish in UK...Hmmmm I have another couple of hrs on my poota before I go to bed,,,if I was in UK that is.....

Maria and Allen

The plane unloads and its Bag claim searching time...Follow the signs .....Its quiet in this airport....I meet Maria and Allen ....grab my bag and we go outside...WOW..its Hot here....Who left the heaters on full blast ? ....Yes..Im in West Palm Beach .Florida..with Maria and Allen ....and its Hot. grins... The US Invader has arrived . This Hobo is looking about and cant believe the adventure that is about to unfold....

Once we said our Hello,s Maria had some bad news to give me..Frank had emailed Maria to let me know that of my cats at home had take ill.Barry had a major seizure and wasnt looking good but he was comfortable.. Maria kept me posted as to how Barry was doing throughout my Hoboing around USA . If Barry had taken ill the day before.I know I wouldnt have been able to leave UK.

Im worried about Barry, its not like him to be ill. He is such a gentle cat too. This news made my stomach turn over.. I felt a chll run through me...

  What will tomorrow bring ? I dont know.....................

We drive out of the airport and  go for a meal We chat and  laugh , After our meal its time to head off to the Hotel . I love the room...I just have to go shopping tomorrow ..This fridge  needs something inside it. I need Milk,  Orange Juice..Hmmm that should fill it  !!!!

What More Could I Want !
 I have a Great View from my balcony, I have Coffee and  a Bed .
I love this  Room. Perfect for my early morning Coffee ,sitting  out on balcony  looking at the lake

I say Goodnight to Maria and Allen and  get myself settled for the night. Ok, Coffee..yep, I have  my supplies.Im ready for this time ,its peaceful, ...I decide to sit outside and  think about this trip. So much planning has gone into it..I could never have  planned it by myself. Id still be wandering around  some airport   looking for a gate..It isnt a dream...its really happening, Im here , in USA .After a while  I decide its time for bed,,I must be tired....Can I sleep ? No. .its 1.30am  Im wide awake but I need to try and sleep. ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz  Smiles..ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz What time is it ? Hmmm 2.30am....try again ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz   I manage a few hrs but am awake at 4.20 am...Im not getting up yet....back to ZZzzzzzzzz......Hmmm its 6am, I am awake so I might as well get up and have a Coffee...yes, I like Coffee. I watch the dawn break...No, I didnt break it either...Dawn broke itself.
I will be meeting Maria at 9am..We are going to get a phone simcard for this phone of mine and going to pay for my Amtrak and Greyhound tickets. Its a lovely day ...We drive to the Station and what a lovely drive it is...

So much to see.

This is  the park near Maria,s house.Its So nice.The water fountains are really neat.
I was messing about and placed my hand over one of the jets as if spurted upwards when it suddenly stopped !!! GULP...did I break it ???? Maria and I fell about laughing and decided to make an exit fast...It was Fun.
 More of these pictures in the Slideshow at the bottom of this chapter  , Made by Maria, 

Hmmmm theres another one.....Just who are they after I wonder ?

 This is the view from my Hotel  balcony.Not bad eh !!          Just look at this Mirror Image..

 How about these for Stables ? Bet after paying for these stables they couldnt afford any horses to put in them !!!
Im sure we heard piped music too.....grins.... neigh...that wasnt piped music...thats just horseplay ...

 These couple of days in Florida have been fun, Dinner at Outback....Breakfast with a Smiley faced pancake...Pancakes are an aquired taste I think ..grins.Shopping at petsmart for Alfie...Houses with planes in their drive....Yep, PLANES.         Horses with Houses to live in....lizards , birds, beautiful scenery, Water fountains that stop on comand ...grins.  . Ive got my Greyhound ticket to get me to Orlando tomorrow. I should be there by 11.15 am..I have a taxi booked to pick me up and get me to Debary  to see Debbie and return me to Orlando airport  for my flight to New Orleans .I will have to be ready for about 6am . Im looking forwards to seeing Debbie again I think Joy is meeting me at Debbies house too. It will be nice to see Joy again too.
I say my goodbyes to Maria and Allen...give those Purrs hugs . I will see you in a month ...Gunna miss you guys.
Im ready to embark on the next step..Still have Barry,s health worrying me but I know he is in safe hands Frank will keep  Maria updated .  Enjoy the Slideshow  below ..scroll down
                                                Time for this Hobo to move onwards .....

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