Friday, 20 November 2009

New Orleans Chapter 3

Faye   and I chatted about...yes...Cats !  Well, its Cats that have made this Invasion possible for me...Cats, Catster, Catster Cat,s mums . Faye has some interesting places to show me..The drive to faye,s house is nice.I like the US roads ,,,they are Big !. Not sure Id be safe driving as Im too busy looking at all the sights.Once we arrive at Faye,s house  I am escorted to my room with kitty....grins..Yes, I do have a selection of cats to help me  with my bags....The sound of a cat purring  makes for a good nights sleep.

 Morning Coffee  . ......Memories...... and Moving  thoughts
Today Faye shows me where she use to live.. It was a very moving drive. We stopped the car and looked at the place where Fayes house once stood , before Hurricane Kattrina .Faye told me about that day...The sadness came through as Faye talked. I know this visit was So hard for Faye. I felt the sadness, I had to look away , this was very moving to me, I cant imagine how Faye was feeling..My Heart went out to her. For me, it was hard to visulise...for Faye it was like Yesterday.

We leave  Arabi, and head towards the Chamette Battlefields . this is quite apt ....My being British. !
The Battle of New Orleans  Jan 8th  1815  between the British  and Americans..

An  ancestor of Faye,s...Charles  Faustin  Dufour served in this Battle as a member of Points Coupe Militia .

 After our walk around the House and the Battlefield Faye and I went to a place that Faye knew for something to eat. Rocky and Carlo,s restaurant. This was a very nice family orientated  place. We had a really friendly waitress serving us. We chatted and the Waitress chatted with us about lots of places and memories Faye and Patrice(the waitress,s name ) shared .

We left the restaurant and continued on our tour.We drove up St Bernards Highway and  Old Arabi , I loved the old wooden houses, dating around 19th early 20th century.Then we headed back  to New Orleans. I love these houses,,So colourful. This is what I imagined New Orleans to be like, Charming, Quaint, Colourful .I can almost hear music .Upper Ninth Ward....what a lovely name for this area. , The French Quarters, again, I love these names.

Faye showed me where she lived after Hurricane Katrina.  I saw where Louie took Faye for walks.

I love the Barn, ....I could live in that ....
To me, this is what a Barn should look like. 

I love the Old Oak Trees too. I do have a passion for Trees and Clouds. .I can see their Beauty in theirBranches ...No, not the Clouds branches, The Trees !!! Didnt you know Clouds dont have Branches ????? grins. 

More on Clouds later....I will explain Clouds to you when you are older !!!! Today,s lesson is Trees ,ok !!

After a good nights sleep (no,not in My my Room with Assorted Cats !! )    Faye shows me a Plantation.  Destrehan Plantation. This is very interesting , The House, Grounds, out buildings.The History..Due to the weather,rain, we are the only visitors , Rain dosnt stop play. We get a guided tour by a volunteer lady dressed in 1860,s style costume.
I could see Faye ,,,She knew more than the Guide did !

 I enjoyed this Plantation visit very much
I see the Mississippi River . I love Rivers ,,,yes I know, what next  I hear you asking ? Trees, Clouds ,Coloured Houses, Rivers !

Well, Im sure you will find out soon enough !.
After relaxing with Fayes Furry Family, Smiles, Yes, I had help sorting my bags out too,I tied to smuggle a few erm,,,items but I think Faye was counting them !.
Our next drive takes me to the Airport and my Plane to Dallas.
Thankyou Faye, I have really enjoyed seeing New Orleans . I loved my Chokky Mouse too.!

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