Tuesday, 24 November 2009


Faye and I say our Goodbyes at the Airport.  I think Faye should be my tour guide as she is so very good and knows what she is talking about .

Its time to check my bags in and get into the line to go through security....Ohhhh just a moment..WHERE are my polo.s ?? I know just how much these Security guys like my Polo.s !
Off with my belt, phone, camera, shoes, shirt, coat, POLO,s out ready...wonder if I could bribe the Security guys with my Polo mints ??? grins...Id be in Alcatraz faster than Im ment to be...Hmmm is that a Police car outside ? Yes it is...oops ! Id better behave . Gulp !

The flight to Dallas is nice, Rhonda has invited Bob to come to Dinner tonight.Ive talked to Bob  on the phone when my Poota needed help.
 http://www.catster.com/cats/307875       Arty

I am met by Rhonda,s hubby  Andy,. We drive to their house.I am finding the roads are all BIG..Wide and the USA is Spacious ....I like this.
We arrive just before Bob arrives. Rhonda and Andy,s boys are due home soon too. I get to meet Rhonda,s cats...Aawww too cute. I am welcomed by these beautiful Purrs. Bob and I chat as Rhonda and Andy wait for the boys to come home. After dinner we say our Goodbyes to Bob and go for a drive to see the City lights. I love the lit up buildings, Chris does too, We stop to look at a really fantastic water feature...Im just amazed..It is Beautiful.My eyes take in so many sights and my camera takes so may pictures  Im busy looking around as Im taking my photos, I just cant keep my eyes on one thing.     

I just love the Water , I know from watching Chris that He does too. The Horse is HUGE,,ok BIG !!
Look at the lights. This must have took some thinking about.

Lights, Water Features, Horse statues .
It is so Beautiful. So clean, Quiet and So well thought out. So much water...Hmmmm thinking of water...Im ready for a Coffee. but I really dont want to leave this place.

After our Drive around  looking at the Dallas night lights we head back to Rhonda and Andy,s house, greated by their Furfamily. I think I may have company tonight, Smiles. Purry eyes are eyeing up my sleeping quarters.

 RHONDA, ANDY and Young CHRISTOPHER. . We chat and laugh about our cats and dogs. the US Invasion and many other topics... I know I am only here for one night but I have been made to feel very welcome, Thanks Rhonda, Andy.
Tomorrow I fly out to Denver and on to Pueblo. I have a taxi booked.
I sleep well, (wouldnt you with a Purry Furry blanket ? )
I awake early but try not to stir as the Boys are getting ready for School and Andy is getting ready for  work .I dont want to disturbe  anyone.
Once the boys are ready for school I say my Goodmornings to them and wish them a great day. The boys are very polite . What a loverly loving family this is.
After coffee  its time to set off for the airport. I have really enjoyed my stay here.

The Taxi arrives and I say my Thankyou,s and Goodbyes to Rhonda...I hate goodbyes...I load up my bags into the taxi, the driver chats as we head towards the airport...He is wide eyed..(no, I wasnt offering him a Polo !! ) He asked where I was heading and where Id been....He gasped and said " WOW...telling me that he hasnt traveled  anywhere near as far as Ive been and am going to. He asked about Amtrak, I said Im looking forwards to the train rides. .We arrive at the Airport and I get my bags,pay and  tip the driver and head inside to check in.

..More streaking to come...grins. Wheres my Polo mints ???? Never mind the Polos, wheres my ticket ? Ohh I remember ,I put it in my coat pocket so I could find it fast.  .....see, I do have a brain cell still working !
I get through security but notice lots of Police ..Hummmm.. They seem to be everywhere I go.

I do like those Cars  though.


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