Friday, 27 November 2009

Dallas to Denver Part 2 .

Its time to get up, Coffee first them  I will be awake...I think  for breakfast I will have....erm....nothing...Coffee will have to do. As my bag was already checked in at the airport yesterday...I will have to make do with what Im wearing today....

After my Coffee I will  feel normal again ...
Its time to get the Shuttle back to the Airport....glad I dont have to check in any bags...I can go direct to security check in ,frisk search, bleeping machine and Smile as I bleep ...check,,,Polomints . grins Yep, Im set.....Lets hit the Airport lines again...

The shuttle gets me back to DFW airport in plenty of, Ticket,,check..polomints ...check, carry on bag,,check...brain cell...Arghhhh no...Ive not got that ,,,,Ohh well, nothing new there.... Right, lets see how long it takes before I Bleep !!......
It didnt take long....Id forgotten  something was in my jeans pocket...
Ok they let me I make my way to the Gate..again...Yes, I DO know which gate as I have a strange feeling I just might have been here before...feels like only Yesterday ...grins..
Ohh look, my flight is on time...hmmmm must be the weather!.
Time for....No, your wrong, I was going to the...ohh well, ok I can go later, Coffee sounds good ....grins
Im feeling good, It looks like I will get to Pueblo with no problems now...I have time for a wander about  and decide to check out the shops....Not that I can buy anything,,,(( I have over paid something along the way, taxi, hotel, not sure, not sure where either as I am $200 short..I have a feeling I may have tipped a driver  with this funny munny by mistake..I have a load of $1. folded together..ready for tips as Im not fully understanding the Tipping rates yet...I think Ive given the wrong funny munny to someone....Too late now but I will have to be Very Careful of what I spend  from now on..I still have one mode of transport to pay for and a hotel bill.
Ohh well, I can window shop ....Another of my mistakes made ....Can I get a Coffee with these coins Im carrying....Yes, I think I can...I dont want to use one of the paper funny munny ,s
  Time to Fly
Its time to wander back to the gate and Go before I go...grins..Well, I was "going" before but Coffee called ...
Yep, its almost time to board the plane...Denver here I come....I will phone Diana and let her know  Im almost there when I get to Denver... Its not a long flight, I should be there by noon I hope.
We board and take off...( ok yes, I know take off does tend to happen after boarding ...who is telling this story ???? grins ) 
Dallas is below me, looking very nice 

Next Stop    DENVER Colorado

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