Friday, 27 November 2009

Denver to Pueblo Colorado

I can see Denver Airport  in the distance...the plane is getting ready to land. Once Im in the Airport and at the next gate I will phone Diana to let her know Im close ....just one more flight to catch...then home and dry. 

I have only a short 20 minutes to get from one arrival gate to the next departure gate....I check my watch...gotta move fast...Im told the next gate is right at the end of the concourse and down the stairs, Hmmmm ok, Im on my way...It is a long walk when your in a hurry . Ok Im at the end...where are the stairs ? What..I have to go back and then down...Ohh ok....I find the stairs and find I have another bit of a walk..but I reach the gate....Now Im hungry...need more Coffee Is there a coffee shop here,,No   its Upstairs....Just my luck . !  No time to get a coffee to take onboard....Ohh whats this I see....Pueblo flight is delayed.....Im giggling now as I rushed and  could have got a coffee,,,Ok I can get one now...Ive got an hr to wait Im told...
With coffee in hand I head back down the stairs and to the gate....WHAT ......Pueblo canceled ? Ohh no,,,I ask when the next flight will be...Im told in it will be on the board soon...Ok . I will just sit here and wait....I drink my coffee, Phone Diana,,,,Ive said I will phone when Im in Pueblo and I will get a taxi from the airport.

I can see a guy at the desk, he is arguing with the Lady there...No point arguing mate...He is saying Why is the plane canceled ? Its because of maintenence I hear her reply..Hmmm , Hey mate..let them fix the plane.....GULP.   We will get there ok Im sure. I hear the Tanoy again asking for passengers on the Pueblo flight to come forwards Ohh  whats this now,,,,

Ohh a meal voucher...( I hear my stomach rumbling ) ok Thanks...Its for a meal to the value of $7. ok I can do that...I must work out this Funny Munny !! ...We are told to come back to the gate in 2 hrs...Lets go feast ...yeah right .I can get a coffee and a salad...That will keep me going for now.
Right Feast eaten....I head back to the gate...Hmmmm I wonder how many miles Ive walked today?

Lets see what it says on the board...Pueblo flight ....delayed ...again,,Why ? ok ok but for how long ? Come back in an hr, I will just wait here...I wait, and wait,,and wait...(these seats arnt very comfortable....I wait some more...OHH whats THAT I see ,,,,Pueblo flight On Time ?????? grins...we will see.  After a while we get told the flight will be boarding  soon....Not soon enough for me. YES its boarding,,,Come on folks,,dont all rush at once Im sure there is enough room for the 4 of us on this plane!

We ,,yes all 4 of us,,board the plane,,I get seated next to a window and look  out Ohh What is that doing ? Has the plane got a puncture ?

Who has the Puncture repair kit ?

Its all fixed and we can take off....
Pueblo here we come....I wonder if drinks will be served on board as its only a 45 minute flight I think. The Captain says its going to be a bumpy  flight ..,Bumpy was the right word. The view is good, I can see Mountains, The ground looks so bare...desert like
The View is beautiful, I LOVE the Mountains.
Ohh here comes the In Flight drinks
 We drink up and fasten seatbelts, Its time to land.YES, Im in Pueblo ...

I cant believe Ive actually arrived . After finding my bag that arrived before meI go outside to phone a taxi..I will phone Diana too and let her know Im in Pueblo.I think someone is waiting for me ....grins.
Yes Officer, Im that Brit that is Invading USA.
but I come in Peace...SMILES
 Nice Car !!!

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  1. This was fun to read, Lyn! Great job :)
    I had a good laugh over that lettuce! LOL!

    Loved all the pictures!