Monday, 30 November 2009

Pueblo to L A California

Today I leave Pueblo, Diana, Tigger and Theo and  am heading to LA California .Layover at Denver.

My filght to Denver is smooth...Clear skies...I can see those Mountains clearly....Just Beautiful. The few clouds are floating beneath , looking like cotton wool.soft and  fluffy.Ilove Clouds...I see each cloud differently, Yes, I know I said in Chapter 1 that I loved Trees, I do, and now your lesson is about Clouds....Dont worry, Ive got the Certificate ...grins...Im fully Qualified ...grins. I dont suffer from Insanity...I enjoy every minute of it !!

We arrive at Denver airport and I check my watch, check the next gate ...I remember it is up those stairs and on the left ....Yes, I saw an LA departure gate when I was here a few days ago.Im right too...the gate matches my gate number....Now I think Ive mastered Airport Gates at last....I wonder why the LA airport is called LAX ?
I hope Diana is ok....Im missing them already.I think Ive got plenty of time to get a Coffee...Yes, I love Coffee too....I could do with something to eat too, Lets get this funny munny worked out again....What was I told...4 of these make one dollar ? or was it these ....or these other sized coins ? I give up....Ive got some paper number coded notes...grins....Well, we brits have our notes colour coded...its easier that way...grins.
Right food,,I need Food ...and Coffee...I find somewhere to eat...No, not McDonalds either....I found a sandwich bar and had a cheese sandwich and coffee....I can take these back to the gate and wait for the plane.....It looks like it will be a full most of the seats are occupied...,...ok I can stand ...or maybe go for a wander again...Sounds good to me...(but Im not wandering too far from this Gate just incase .....grins )
Ohh whats that I hear ? Delayed flight ? I might have guessed...its My flight that is delayed...I might have time for another Coffee..No,,I can never get enough Coffee.....I love Coffee, yes, I love Trees, Clouds AND Coffee....!I  hope the flight isnt too delayed...I decide to find a seat somewhere near my gate and see a news paper  that had been left on the seats..I pick it up...something in the headlines caught my eye..No, it didnt hurt either.....Its That Reporter again..I drink my Coffee and check out the news....Whats this ?????? I look up from reading the newspaper to see 2 airport Police walking by...Hmmmm They are everywhere....Id better be careful...I wonder who they are looking for ? Ohh well, its nice to see the Security  around...Ohh is that my flight being called ? YES...I think we could be boarding soon... I will keep this newspaper and read it later...Its time to head on out of Denver and see what LA has to offer....grins Boarding begins...and soon we are ready to take off...Can you see me waving ????         
Look Closer...12th window from the front......See me ? I can see You...grins.Yes, you DID count the windows didnt you..         grins...
Ok we are taking off ...soaring up towards the clouds...right, lets see what I can see from my window..remember which window im looking out of ?

Theres DENVER.Just look at those Clouds.


I am facinated by the view ...The Desert looks So close...The Mountains , The desertlands, Its just So Beautiful, I could fly over these all day and not get fed up with this View. I look at the Seat Screen map of where we are,,,,Ohh What is that down there ? Im not sure....(might have to ask the pilot to go down for a closer look ....) grins.. well, I have got to keep you on your toes havnt I .....Dont be If the Pilot would fly lower just so I could get a good photo of this Camel Train.............You want to know how I got such a close up,,albeit blurred photo ? I leaned out of the window .
As we fly over Arizona I notice the change in colour of the desertland...It is really interesting....and we fly over the tip of the Grand Canyon

 I love this...I am in Heaven here. We are now flying over California, I see the hills , So different from Colorado and Arizona views from the plane window. We are much lower now too.Its all looking within reach of my hand.....I can almost touch those hills

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  1. Beautiful pictures of the Grand Canyon. It's even more magnificent standing there. We will soon. What an adventure that will be. I can't wait to share it with you.

    Loved the GPS of AZ. I saw you, and was waving, too.